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Secure Cloud Analytics improves visibility and threat detection, ensuring network compliance.

About Killik & Co

Industry: Financial services / Location: London / Size: 300+ employees

Award-winning Killik & Co have provided investment and financial planning expertise since 1989.

With private clients worldwide, independently owned Killik & Co pride themselves on an unbiased approach, maintaining complete integrity and providing the best service for their clients.


Cyber security is paramount for the financial industry in which Killik & Co operate. They already had robust security solutions on-premise that provided a point-in-time view. However, they wanted a more holistic view of their IT environment, traffic and user behaviour.


  • Greater network traffic visibility for improved intelligence and responsiveness to detect threats and eliminate any risks.
  • Identify and prevent known and future threats for both north-south and east-west traffic.
  • Protect a cloud-connected extended business.
  • The ability to enforce consistent security policies across domains and ensure network compliance.

As Killik & Co's strategic partner Forfusion were engaged to advise on security solutions which would help enhance visibility in their network. After careful analysis using our tried and tested ADIOlogy method, we recommended Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics.

As a Cisco Advanced Security Architecture Specialized Partner, we were able to set up a Proof of Value (POV) free trial of the security solution so Killik & Co could experience the benefits first-hand before deciding to implement.


Outcomes and Benefits

  • Greater visibility of the entire network, internal and external.
  • The creation of alerts to highlight unusual behaviour to investigate and mitigate any potential risks.
  • Extended detection and response capabilities with integrated automation.
  • Increased client confidence that Killik & Co are using cutting-edge security solutions to protect their assets and sensitive information.
  • Ensuring compliance to avoid any regulatory fines.
  • Forfusions managed service desk also has visibility of the Secure Cloud Analytics dashboard, so can assist with support and flag any issues.
"Working with Cisco and Secure Cloud Analytics alongside Forfusion… has provided us with… reassurance and peace of mind."

Dan Young, IT Service & Support Director, Killik & Co

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