We strive to deliver the best for our customers and achieve impeccable results with respect for the environment and the communities around us.

We have committed to minimising our social and environmental impact, supporting the United Nation's 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Reducing our impact on Climate Change

We've been certified as a Carbon Neutral business. As a company, we always strive to deliver the best for our customers and achieve impeccable results with respect for the environment and communities around us. But we also recognise the need to reduce our carbon footprint now and in the future proactively. As a result, we've partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain to calculate and offset our total emissions via carbon-offsetting projects worldwide.

Our company-wide goals for 2022/23 have been set with the intention of working across the organisation holistically, rather than focusing on a single area or department, thereby giving us the best exposure and ability to drive change across the business. To share our progress and successes, we have included ESG Goal statements and progress towards these within the ESG Status Report for 2022/23.

To download our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, click here.

Working towards a Circular Economy

We're helping organisations achieve sustainability and responsible business outcomes by reducing their carbon emissions. Taking advantage of our vendor partner's 'Takeback and Refresh' schemes, we can help reuse, recycle and refurbish end-of-life products instead of disposing of them, making better use of waste resources.

To read our Sustainability Mission Statement, click here.

We're dedicated to reducing IT's impact on carbon emissions by working with our customers to facilitate:

Hybrid Working

Remote workforces reduce the need for public and private transport, reducing CO2 emissions. A hybrid work-life balance also facilitates innovative working practices such as adopting Cloud Collaboration. Thus reducing energy consumption and cutting the need for on-premise hardware.

Smart Buildings

Focusing on upgrading the energy efficiency of existing buildings and creating new smart buildings. Combined with advanced insights and analytics, helps IT bring visibility, control, and automation to many building services. Monitoring and reducing resource consumption contributes to achieving Net Zero Goals.

Sustainable WANs

We’re working with our partners to reduce emissions throughout our supply chain. Utilising the latest energy-efficient technologies for network operations and management by applying sustainable practices to help reduce energy consumption while maintaining network efficiency.

Green Data Centres

We support and promote Energy Efficient Data Centres (EEDC). By increasing storage asset utilisation through virtualisation, we can consolidate and decrease the dependence on server support appliances. Reducing equipment power use creating substantial savings in carbon emissions.

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