Your Trusted and Impartial Advisor for Digital Transformation Your Trusted and Impartial Advisor for Digital Transformation

Why Forfusion

We don’t claim to do everything; however, where we proclaim expertise, we deliver impeccably and with incredible people.


Unlock your digital potential with our innovative IT solutions.

As a Cisco Gold Partner, we've got the accredited expertise to manage and integrate the latest technology for your organisation. Our ADIOlogy ® process ensures a customer-first approach to solution delivery, empowering through digital transformation. With access to best-in-class products and technical support, we can help you visualise and execute your IT strategy while balancing risk mitigation and innovation.

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Nine reasons customers choose to work with us:

  1. 01

    Trusted by Cisco

    Aside from being a Cisco Gold Partner with numerous technology specializations. We're also one of the largest single resource suppliers to Cisco's Customer Experience team in the UK.

  2. 02

    Extensive Cisco accreditations

    We have more Cisco accredited engineers and consultants than any other Gold partner headquartered in the north.

  3. 03

    Personnel profiles

    We provide profiles of named engineers, consultants and project managers, highlighting skills and experience for review before our customers engage.

  4. 04

    Trusted by Public Sector

    We have a proven track record of delivering solutions that run mission-critical and lifesaving services for NHS trusts and civil service.

  5. 05

    Fixed priced projects

    We are confident in our delivery, which means we are able to run fixed cost projects, meaning we carry the risk, instead of our customers.

  6. 06

    Disruption through innovation

    We have an impeccable track record in displacing large, and often global, cumbersome systems integrators.

  7. 07

    The ADIOlogy ® Method

    We developed our own proven way to assess, design, integrate, and operate solutions, guaranteeing repeatable success, and maximising ROI.

  8. 08

    Strict adherence to standards

    We align with PRINCE2, TOGAF, ITIL and ISO, and deliver services with security cleared personnel where required.

  9. 09

    Customer success plans

    We don’t walk away after project delivery; we provide and adhere to success plans to ensure our customers are confident in operating new technologies.


We take the time to truly understand an organisation. We'll assess, see what’s needed and help you develop effective, long-term digital strategies.

Consulting Services
Consulting Services

We’re sure you have multiple frustrations and unanswered questions when it comes to taking the leap into a digital workplace. But we’ll help you take that all-important first step. By fully understanding your business’ needs and capabilities, we can turn your ambitions into reality.

Technical Expertise
Technical Expertise

We can help you to leverage the capabilities and benefits of modern technologies. Our experience is underpinned by ITIL processes, ISO standards and quality assurance; our expertise comes from knowing how to determine what’s possible and how we can make you succeed.


Natural empathisers and problem solvers, we’ll make sense of the complexities and work together in partnership to accelerate your business performance. We don’t believe in quick wins and – as your needs are ever-changing – we want to make a long-term difference.

Introduction to ADIOlogy®

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Measurable, integrated and structured: It’s a process driven, vendor agnostic approach that consistently delivers projects that exceed expectations; no matter their size, scale or complexity. We call this approach the ADIOlogy ® method.
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