Our Mission

We're accelerating business performance through market leading technologies and key partnerships.

In 2007 we became disillusioned with the vendor-aligned mentality and decided we could do things better. And so, Forfusion was born. A refreshing alternative that puts its customers first and works together in a true partnership. By combining years of multi-sector technology engineering and consulting with an ambitious attitude and agile approach, we can keep your business ahead of the curve.

But how do we deliver our mission?

By bringing back boutique solution expertise, delivered by a committed and inherently client-aligned team. Through being transparent and selective with our clients, to give those relationships the attention they deserve. With our diligent ethos and meticulous attention to detail. And our professional conduct and strong moral principles. Our six core values are very important to us and form the foundation on which we deliver our vision.

We conduct business with strong moral principles, meaning that we’ll say how it is. If we say we’ll do something, you can guarantee we’ll deliver it. So, you’ll never have to second guess us, or worry about being let down. We’ll be transparent and manage your business expectations every step of the way. There’s no “hard sell” with us because we believe implicitly in the services we’re offering and the value we can add. We align technologies to address client pain points, not to hit vendor targets. At Forfusion, we’ll always put your needs first. 

We’re painstakingly attentive in everything we deliver, down to the finest details. Right down to the level of detail in our documentation and meticulous approach to project delivery. When it comes to the fundamentals, we’ll make sure no stone is left un-turned; so that your solutions are always tailored and designed to bend and change as your requirements do. 

It’s in our nature to encourage change and embrace the unknown. Unlike many incumbent or older established companies, we’re light on our feet. Meaning we’re more flexible and can react quicker. Ahead of the curve when it comes to new technology that can provide added value for your business, we’re constantly pushing boundaries and looking at ways to innovate. We know that it’s essential for modern businesses to embrace agility within their workplace, to keep up with ever-changing shifts in the way we communicate and collaborate.    

Committed: We believe in long-term relationships, not quick wins. Our relationships are based on a commitment to be client-aligned at all times, rather than prioritising targets set by vendors. We’ll truly listen to your requirements, which allows us to take a step back and accurately analyse your needs. Not just for now, but for the foreseeable future. We’ll get to the heart of your issues, without the waffle. 

We put the additional effort in to go above and beyond expectations. It’s why we’re trusted and it’s what makes our relationships last. When it comes to our team – we’re determined to have the right people with the right skillset who can implement and support across multiple services and sectors. Our accredited skillset and strategic approach put us in the best position to prepare your business for the future. And as perfectionists, you can rest assured that we’re never complacent and constantly refining our processes. So, if we’re always ahead of the competition – so are you.

At Forfusion, we’re changing perceptions and preparing our clients for change. We’re committed to being ahead of the curve and sometimes even against the grain, as it’s the only way to win in today’s unpredictable market. We know that change can be difficult and time-consuming, so we will work tirelessly to embed new technologies and new ideas that will make your organisation progressive, digitally-focused and future-proof! If you’re ready to do business differently, we’re looking forward to working together.   



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