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We always have the future in mind

Our 24/7 Network Operations Centre provides proactive monitoring, full IT service integration and MACD ownership, helping you improve efficiencies by leveraging our skills and proven methodologies. Because we get to the heart of your business, we know how to keep progressing your digital potential and adapting solutions to your evolving needs. 

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fully resilient Network Operations Centre


number to call with multiple available channels for escalation


managed by full time employed personnel

Managed Hybrid Cloud

Transform your environment through effective management, automation and orchestration on your journey to hybrid IT cloud. Our team focusses on lightening the load and securing your environment no matter how complex or diverse. Whether you have an on-premise, private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid environment, we have the capability to provide a comprehensive range of cost-effective cloud management services.

Managed Customer Experience

We help you find the perfect blend of people, processes, and technology to ensure you're able to meet your company-wide strategic objectives. We continually optimise your contact centre environment and all customer touch points to ensure the customer experience is unparalleled. Our dedicated customer experience team manages all aspects of customer interaction, providing seamless end-to-end collaboration.

Managed Digital Workplace

Because we always have the future in mind, we offer fully integrated digital workplace and collaboration solutions that are suitable for today, while protecting and preparing your investment for tomorrow. We offer an array of managed services, encompassing collaboration and communication solutions from market-leading technology vendors. We can help you to leverage the capabilities and benefits of modern technologies including voice, video, multi-media messaging and multi-party conferencing. In turn, letting your business thrive without physical limitations.

Managed Enterprise Networks

Our fully managed network services empower your business to increase productivity and cost efficiencies. Leveraging our service frees up your own staff to focus on adding business value instead of continually striving just to keep systems running. With our managed network services, you’ll also gain greater control and visibility into your network and we can optimise your network environment to deliver further ROI from your existing infrastructure.

Managed Information Security

We know that digital security is a minefield, one that can be very tricky to navigate. It matters more than ever to embrace and rethink digital security and all the positives it brings. Whether it's application security, end-point security, cloud or networking security, or whether it's compliance and legislation such as GDPR, we have the expertise to eradicate your niggling security concerns. With so much at stake, we offer comprehensive digital security managed services that touch all aspects of your environment. And if the worst does happen, we’re on hand to offer security incident response services.

Killik & Co office

"We have significantly reduced the number of support tickets raised, which has resulted in substantial time savings for us and the ability to remain focused on our clients, rather than systems."

Dan Young, Head of IT Operations & Support
Killik & Co

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