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Gain end-to-end visibility to confidently plan and deploy your hybrid cloud, whilst obtaining valuable insights through real-time workload performance.


We provide you with the right tools to empower your team, and make light work of identifying problems, often before they occur.

Our experts help you to leverage application and infrastructure monitoring tools to reliably validate success, so you can tailor your approach to addressing potential issues in hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

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Cisco AppDynamics

AppDynamics provides real-time performance monitoring of your critical business applications, providing powerful telemetry which can help transform your approach to application operations and migrations. AppDynamics has the power to detect issues before they impact your customers, leveraging real-time performance monitoring for flawless application performance in public, private, or multicloud environments.

Cisco Thousand Eyes

Powering digital experiences with unrivalled visibility into the Internet, Cloud, and networks businesses run on. With ThousandEyes, companies can see beyond their edge and get visibility into networks outside of their control. Delivering a real-time map of how their customers and employees reach and experience critical apps and services across traditional, SD-WAN, Internet and cloud provider networks.

Cisco Intersight

With Intersight, your teams can intelligently visualize, optimize, and orchestrate all your applications and infrastructure anywhere they are. A unified, secure SaaS platform comprising modular services that bridge applications with infrastructure, Intersight provides correlated visibility and management across bare-metal servers, hypervisors, and serverless and application components, helping you transform with AIOps to reach the scale and velocity your stakeholders demand.

Cisco Secure Analytics

The public cloud provides greater efficiency, agility, and scalability, but many organisations are struggling to gain adequate visibility and awareness in their hybrid environments to detect threat activity. Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics provides end-to-end visibility, behavioural analysis, and threat detection across your private network, public cloud, and hybrid environments. It uses dynamic entity modelling, to rapidly identify threat activity and indicators of compromise to drastically improve your awareness and overall security posture.

LoginVSI Enterprise

Guarantee your application performance and availability, as well as maximize the experience of your workforce and their digital workspaces. Login Enterprise provides a lightweight application that effectively predicts performance, promotes business continuity, in turn mitigating operational risk. It helps you test and prove Citrix, VMware, Windows and Azure virtual desktop environments.


LiveAction helps you obtain comprehensive visibility encompassing your entire networking infrastructure, regardless as to whether it is campus, branch, data centre, private or public cloud, WAN, or SD-WAN. Give your team the confidence that the network is helping your business address its strategic imperatives whilst in tandem reducing management costs.


7Signal is dedicated to elevating Wi-Fi performance by improving roaming user connectivity and the overall user experience. An intelligent cloud monitoring application suite continually probes and evaluates Wi-Fi performance from the perspective of the device. It allows immediate problem remediation on Wi-Fi, supporting mission-critical users, their devices and applications.

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