Forfusion partners with Evolving Networks to enhance MSP capabilities

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Forfusion partners with Evolving Networks to enhance MSP capabilities

Forfusion partners with Evolving Networks to enhance MSP capabilities

Forfusion partners with Evolving Networks to enhance MSP capabilities

Forfusion enhances its MSP capabilities through a new partnership with Evolving Networks.

Forfusion is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Evolving Networks. This partnership brings together two innovative and ambitious companies. Transforming our capability as a managed service provider (MSP), adding SD-WAN as-a-service to our already robust managed services portfolio. 

Forfusion are experts in digital transformation with highly skilled engineers and consultants, accredited with specialisations covering enterprise networking, data centre and cloud, underpinned with workplace security. Evolving Networks bring an innovative, flexible and secure software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution, which we will co-deliver via our world-class managed services team. 

"Partnering with Evolving Networks will allow us to offer services in the internet service provider (ISP) space for the very first time; their innovative approach to providing enterprise-grade connectivity is an extremely compelling proposition. We speak to many businesses daily who have significant challenges with their existing wide area networks (WAN) providers. Whether that be inconsistent connectivity and billing through to basic customer service issues. This technology tackles connectivity issues head-on by focussing on designing a network based on your resilience requirements, site-by-site and on the basis that ISP circuits will fail. This allows us to build an intelligent SD-WAN underlay using multiple links and technologies that are highly resilient and extremely efficient in utilising those individual links," comments Ian Musgrave, Forfusion CTO. 

"Furthermore, instead of relying on secondary circuits as a backup to a primary link, the solution aggregates IP traffic across all available links, something no other ISP is offering in the UK currently. When we combine this truly innovative software-defined approach to supplying WAN connectivity with our customer-centric approach to managed services, I believe you have an overall service offering which will be transformative and extremely disruptive in the ISP space" Ian Musgrave, Forfusion CTO. 

Nick Johnson, Evolving Networks CEO, comments: "the large telcos have had things too easy for too long. They have not paid the price for lack of innovation and poor customer service as barriers to entry have prevented new players from challenging the status quo. Telcos don't add value; MSPs add value. Our channel offering is about delivering a tool kit to the MSP to enable them to bring their expertise in delivering customer value into the ISP space. We are looking for channel partners who share our vision of delivering an outstanding experience to the end-user and we believe we have found that in Forfusion". 

Today, we launch the Forfusion and Evolving Networks strategic partnership with a focus on providing innovative SD-WAN solutions that dovetail seamlessly with the managed service offering Forfusion customers already enjoy. 

We believe that the future of ISP connectivity requires a significant overhaul to match the needs of enterprises operating in an ever-changing, application-centric world. Traditional ISPs cannot move at the speeds required of them by their customers; this solution brings agility unheard of in the ISP world; want a new site provisioned with secure internet connectivity and don't want to wait 90 days? Forfusion and Evolving Networks can have that connectivity stood up in a matter of days, sometimes hours. 

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