Cisco Internet of Things (IoT) Cisco Internet of Things (IoT)
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Cisco Internet of Things (IoT)

Providing guidance, engineering and expertise, our robust and secure approach to operational technology provides assurance that latest ICT best practices can be extended across legacy industrial applications.


Easily connect, maintain, and secure industrial assets to drive better business outcomes.

We assist in converging, securing, and managing your assets to ensure compliance is maintained by leveraging regulatory and business efficiency, cost control and sustainability for your organisation.

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Cisco IoT Networking

Reliable connectivity helps organisations scale IoT initiatives while increasing the availability of their existing infrastructure. Cisco's range of fully managed compact and ruggedised industrial switches, routers and wireless APs are designed for tight spaces and hostile environments.

Cisco IoT Management and Automation

Cisco's management platforms for IoT provide simplified visibility, management and orchestration through a single pane of glass. Take advantage of DNA Center's ability to provide end-to-end visibility and security right to the edge of your IoT networks. Alternatively, use IoT Operations Dashboard to ensure your OT environments are secured and available.

Cisco Industrial Threat Defence

Assess risks and identify what's connected. Cisco leverages your existing network to give you comprehensive visibility, so you can detect threats at scale and strengthen your security posture. Industrial network segmentation prevents threats from spreading, whether you're building a DMZ, creating zones and conduits, or migrating to a micro-segmentation strategy.

Cisco IOx

Develop IoT business applications at the edge. The Cisco IOx application environment combines Cisco IOS and Linux OS for highly secure networking. Execute IoT applications with secure connectivity with Cisco IOS software, and get powerful services for rapid, reliable integration with IoT sensors and the cloud.

Cisco Edge Intelligence

Software that simplifies getting IoT data to the right applications at the right time. Understand and control who has access to your data and where it goes. Get intelligent insights from connected assets to improve the competitiveness of your organisation. Experience a network-integrated approach with centralised management across the network, applications and data.

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