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Rigorous assessment and evaluation of current state and alignment with business objectives to maximise return on investment.


We take time to understand your environment and objectives, including market trends to inform a robust business case for your stakeholders.

The first step we take to help determine how ready your environment is for new technology, applications and services. It may encompass product, vendor and market analysis, technology road mapping, strategic gap analysis, design reviews, audits and recommendations.

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Audit and Remediation

Working together, we get to know your business as if it were our own to determine its technical readiness for new applications and services. Our experienced engineers use intelligent tools to audit and meticulously document existing or proposed new environments. That way, we can verify they're running optimally and are ready to support new technologies.

Product and Market Analysis

Performing vendor, product and market analysis ahead of you making significant buying decisions. Working as part of your team to ensure your business is buying technology for the right reasons. We can also support you in defining use case scenarios to inform a robust business case for your stakeholders; we can present on your behalf should you want us to.

Strategic Gap Analysis

Undertaking a detailed gap analysis encourages you to consider your current state and your desired future state aligned to your business objectives, forming the foundation from which to build a coherent solutions roadmap. Serving as a precursor to more detailed design and integration phases for large and complex mission-critical infrastructure projects.

Trials and Proof of Value

Providing 30-90 day product demonstrations and trials to help determine whether technologies are a good investment for you, whether it be aligning with your environment, your employees or budgets. By working with us on a Proof of Value (PoV) trial, you can soak test a product in your production environment to see if it's a good fit, before any financial commitment.

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