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About Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics

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Discover SaaS-based visibility, threat detection and response with Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics (formerly Stealthwatch Cloud) and Forfusion as your trusted technology provider. We are a Cisco Advanced Security Architecture Specialized Partner, which means we’re ideally placed to support you with all your security strategy needs. We consistently deliver robust, dependable solutions into extremely secure and challenging environments. Our highly skilled consultants specialise in risk exposure and mitigation to help protect your business. 

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Discover Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics

Secure Cloud Analytics detects advanced threats and provides comprehensive visibility and high-precision alerts without the use of agents.

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  • ease of management and scalability.
  • automated threat detection and alerting.
  • detecting indicators of compromise in real-time.
  • reduced security incident response times.
  • hybrid network security - use in your public cloud, private network or both.






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