Transforming our brand, together


Transforming our brand, together

Steven Forrest
By Steven Forrest

28 August 2018

Transforming our brand, together

Transforming our brand, together

An interview with our CEO Steven Forrest about the Forfusion rebrand including the process we've followed.

How has Forfusion evolved?

2017 was a pivotal year for Forfusion. Celebrating our 10th year in business together, we’ve collectively moved from a broom-cupboard office to a multimillion pound company with global customers and over 40 colleagues. It’s been an interesting journey to date. For instance,

  • We found our first employee on Gumtree
  • We started with a significant financial investment of £0
  • We considered the financial crash in 2008 to be a sign and a door-opener

So – as you can see – we’ve not taken any easy roads or short-cuts to where we find ourselves today. With a small team, we began to build our business on the same beliefs that we still hold very dear today. And that’s what makes integrity one of our core values. Steadily, we’ve increased in headcount, revenue and profit. While learning some harsh and valuable lessons in business along the way.

“Our business has grown incrementally over the years, by simply doing things properly.” Steven Forrest, CEO

Why make a brand change now?

Following our recent 10th anniversary, it was time for us to make a change. This coincides with completing a thorough competitive market analysis and a brutally honest review of all aspects of our business with our brand performance partner, Precept.

With their help, we’ve undergone a full re-brand that we feel now fully represents where we’ve come from, who we are, what we stand for and where we’re going.

Internally, we’ve corresponded this with a restructuring of our leadership team. As well as the acquisition and re-working of our products and services portfolio to align with market demand. Further, we’ve re-thought our entire back-office eco-system to improve processes and procedures in preparation for scale.

“This whole process has enabled us to re-define our mission and our core values” Steven Forrest, CEO

Our re-brand has been fundamental to express our capabilities and ethos as a now 10-year-old company with global customers and market-leading partners.

How did you go about re-branding?

As with everything we do, we started with our most important asset – our people. After all, our brand is nothing without them. So, as part of our wider strategic objectives, we conducted 1-2-1 interviews and an anonymous employee survey. We received some invaluable feedback and insights that informed important brand decisions. It has allowed us to define and articulate our company mission and core values.

As far as how we now look, our brandmark is a global-like mark that represents acceleration, performance and data security. Our colour palette is warm, confident and timeless. The vibrancy reflects our forward-thinking and dynamic team. Even our typeface reflects us as a business. It’s designed to express how new technology is made simple and easy.

What are Forfusion's company mission and core values?

Interestingly, our mission and core values have remained much the same. From our perspective, it’s imperative that we take everything we’ve learnt to date and continue to drive our business forward with our main asset – our team. Moving forward, we’ll be executing our wider strategy with precision; with our mission and core values in mind.

Our mission is simple: We're accelerating business performance through market leading technologies and key partnerships. That means we’re the perfect choice to help you realise your company’s digital potential and put it into motion. Our core values are:

  • Integrity
  • Diligence
  • Flexibility
  • Committed
  • Ambition
  • Different

To find out more about what these mean for you, have a read of our brand mission page.

So, what's next for Forfusion?

The next steps are to use our new brand as an enabler, to work together with our company-wide strategy.

As ever, Forfusion is a refreshing alternative that puts its customers first and works together in a true partnership. We’re excited for you to finally see our new brand – it’s been a while in the making! And we’re looking forward to continuing transforming business, together.

Steven Forrest
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Steven Forrest

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