Protect Yourself with Forfusion's IT Security Experts

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Protect Yourself with Forfusion's IT Security Experts

Steven Forrest
By Steven Forrest

5 February 2016

Protect Yourself with Forfusion's IT Security Experts

Protect Yourself with Forfusion's IT Security Experts

Guidance on the solutions and technologies that can help protect you from cyber-crime. Cyber-security starts by understanding your vulnerabilities.

Cisco has recently released its Annual Security Report for 2016. The report is bursting with the latest information on security threats and trends, as well as predicting what we can expect in the near future.

Over the coming weeks, our security experts here at Forfusion will be highlighting and analysing some of the valuable insight on the key areas in the report.

We’ll delve in to some of the more technical aspects, whilst providing guidance on the solutions and technologies that can assist our customers in protecting themselves from the ever changing nature of cyber-crime.

I don’t think there’s any doubt that having a robust security posture is high (if not at the top) on the agenda of every business, big or small.

At Forfusion, we always examine both the technical and business reasons why our customers should (and even in some cases shouldn’t) embark on any given IT solution or project.

So, putting technical intricacies aside for a moment, I thought it would be useful to look at some of the compelling reasons why adopting a flexible and robust security posture can be good for business.

Attacks are growing in frequency and severity

More UK businesses than ever are facing the threat of losing confidential information through cyber-attacks. The 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey found 90% of large businesses and 74% of small businesses experienced a cyber-security breach within the last year.

The average cost of significant security breaches for small organisations ranged from £75,000-£311,000. For large organisations the equivalent cost was £1.46m-£3.14m. Such attacks could prove catastrophic for the profitability, and perhaps more worryingly so, the overarching viability of any business.

Good posture = good business

Concerns over risk and cost too often prevail over recognising how effective security infrastructure and best practices can enable competitive advantage, a product differentiator, a brand asset, and a business opportunity.

Adopting the right approach to security requires bold and strategic thinking. By taking a business benefits orientated stance, most organisations can articulate the positive financial impact of mitigating cyber-risks, which in turn can empower business leaders (and help them sleep better at night!).

Good risk management requires a balance of understanding, investment and decision-making. As cyber-security threats rapidly evolve, it is often difficult for organisations to assess the extent to which they are vulnerable and what they should do to protect themselves.

For business leaders focused on the implications of cyber risks on their bottom line, affordable cyber protection that is appropriate to the scale of their business and reflects the reality of the risks they face, is essential.

Businesses should recognise that effective cyber security cannot be attained by simply deploying security products and solutions. It is not a firewall, IPS or multi-factor authentication service. It is a shift in corporate mind-set and can only be driven by leaders of the business.

Where to start

Start by understanding your vulnerabilities (outdated software or OS, long-term passwords, BYOD threats) and how mitigating actions can help your business’ operational and financial performance. We can help you with this.

Our approach to cyber security enables business leaders and board level executives to prioritise improvements to their own cyber security, based on their approach to risk.

Executives need to take back control

We put boardrooms back in control of an area traditionally seen as exclusively the remit of the IT department. This is a key shift: by articulating the financial benefits of addressing the cyber security risk, business leaders are able to take positive action, rather than focusing on the cost of addressing a theoretical risk.

We want to move on from headline grabbing scare stories to talk about the benefits of a robust security posture. In a world of ever evolving, sophisticated and pervasive cyber threats, managing your posture represents an opportunity to exploit a source of competitive advantage.

Embracing a robust security posture as a pillar of ‘business as usual’ activity can be both a selling point to stakeholders and customers. You can directly improve your organisation’s operational and financial performance by reducing elements such as risk contingent reserves and insurance policies.


Our experience has shown us that doing nothing is not an option. Through our strategic partnerships with leading vendors, Forfusion can help you equip your organisation to combat growing cyber threats at a cost and rigour appropriate to your organisation.

The constantly evolving threat environment is such that you can soon fall behind the curve and find you are no longer secure. We recommend that you begin by understanding what actually needs to be protected, understanding your particular threats and understanding your vulnerabilities.

Get in touch via email or telephone 0191 500 9100, if you’d like to discuss in more detail or require any further advice.

Steven Forrest
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Steven Forrest

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