Forfusion GSS: Secret Weapon to Delivering IT Solutions

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Forfusion GSS: Secret Weapon to Delivering IT Solutions

Ian Musgrave
By Ian Musgrave

14 October 2015

Forfusion GSS: Secret Weapon to Delivering IT Solutions

Forfusion GSS: Secret Weapon to Delivering IT Solutions

More than 50% of Forfusion GSS have a military background and this is intentional. Like Forfusion, the military have the training and experience to push bleeding edge technology to its limits; however, these aren’t the only attributes that we find people with a military background offer us:

1. They have been tested in highly demanding and pressurised situations

2. They take responsibility for their actions and get things done first time

3. They have unrivalled experience and excellent personal qualities

4. They learn quickly, picking up new skills and adapting with ease

5. They are self-disciplined, motivated and get a task done on time

6. They are skilled in planning, organising, teamwork, communication, man management and leadership

We recently recruited a member of the Royal Air Force for all of the above reasons and asked him to blog about how he found the transition from service life to joining Forfusion:

As I was coming to the end of my long but gratifying career in the RAF I started to really think about what was next on the horizon and where I would find work.

I joined the RAF in July 2002, not knowing what lay ahead. My reasons for joining were a simple choice between University after my college efforts or a suggestion from a mate to try out the military. I really wanted to work and earn so I chose the latter where I went on to train as a Ground Electronics Technician.

During my time I was employed at three different posts starting at RAF Northolt working as an IT maintainer, then moving to RAF High Wycombe involved in more IT operations and finishing at JSSU employed in a role working with a civilian team as a Network Administrator.

After being in an Institution for 12 years and not knowing what the outside world held, I was pretty nervous and apprehensive about the transition. I didn’t know how I would manage without the Military support and security? I did my best to ensure the transition was as painless as it could be; I went to careers fairs, attended courses, studied, passed exams and used a career consultant for my CV development.

During my last six months; maybe even before this, I started looking for roles and uploaded my CV to multiple job sites. I received a lot of interest from recruiters and applied for about a dozen roles, four of which I attended Interviews. Even though the roles were what I was after, working in the Private sector didn’t really appeal to me.

At a Security Cleared Jobs Expo I met a company that specialised in communications solutions and had a practice dedicated to Government work, they had a significant proportion of ex-forces staff and the company was led from the very top by people that knew what I was going through, I was very keen to get on board.

The company targeted service leavers like myself and I was grateful for the interest they showed in me, they understood the concerns I had and were able to put my mind at ease. They weren’t the first company to offer me a role; my first role was a major name in the Defence and Intelligence sector but took a long time in processing my application and didn’t provide the feedback I needed. Forfusion however, eradicated any fears I had by demonstrating a personal, swift and practical approach communicating with me regularly. Forfusion understood and took into account my pending contract termination from the RAF and within less than a week of receiving my offer I started work.

Being at Forfusion has been a revelation; the work really appeals to me, the working atmosphere is great and my colleagues are very helpful. I can’t thank the company and the people who recruited me enough. I would recommend anyone in a similar circumstance as myself to pursue employment at Forfusion.

I look forward to my journey and engaging with future work colleagues, as I know I’m a part of a company that is always looking to grow the team.

Ian Musgrave
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Ian Musgrave

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