A Graduate's Experience in an IT Consultancy


A Graduate's Experience in an IT Consultancy

Steven Forrest
By Steven Forrest

2 February 2017

A Graduate's Experience in an IT Consultancy

A Graduate's Experience in an IT Consultancy

Find out how our latest graduate found his time working with our IT Security Experts.

Let’s start at the beginning! My name is Davey, I am 22 and I have just graduated with a Dual Honours degree in Chinese Language and International Politics, from Nottingham Trent University.

As my course name suggests, there wasn’t much IT involved, so when Forfusion accepted me on a work placement, my knowledge of IT networking was very basic. Nevertheless, I wanted to see what IT business involved and to see whether I could put my skills to good use in this environment being an IT novice.

I was taught a lot more than the basics of just IT networking. It was the COO, David Griffin that helped me develop the concepts behind running a business, from accounting and budgeting for the business as a whole, to customised software.

Forfusion provided me with the right resources to get a better understanding of the basics for setting up a network and an insight into sitting the CCNA exam, my first step on the Cisco career ladder.

These resources came in the form of Cisco textbooks and PC applications, as well as one-on-one time with Forfusion’s Cisco experts, which I found invaluable as they were able to explain the fundamentals of networking faster than any book or video could have done.

I have enjoyed my time at Forfusion immensely and I have also found how I can apply my skills within an IT business. IT like all other business requires a good level of communication between its employees and customers, and being able to speak four languages enables me to communicate efficiently and effectively.

I have also seen the similarities between a business and politics – both use the process of making uniform decisions that apply to members of a group.

Being at Forfusion has made me think about the future and what it may hold for me. The relaxed office environment, friendly co-workers and close relationship to office peers made me really motivated to learn and get involved.

Steven Forrest
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Steven Forrest
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