IT experts Forfusion awarded ISO 27001

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IT experts Forfusion awarded ISO 27001

Joanne Thomas
By Joanne Thomas

1 March 2023

IT experts Forfusion awarded ISO 27001

IT experts Forfusion awarded ISO 27001

Tyneside-based IT business Forfusion has been awarded the prestigious ISO 27001 accreditation - the world’s best-known standard for information security management systems.

Based at Cobalt Business Exchange, Forfusion are committed to transforming the way enterprises operate. They specialise in managing, designing and implementing IT infrastructure for large public and private sector companies.

“The accreditation is something we’ve been planning to do for the past couple of years,” said Forfusion’s COO, David Griffin. “But, in typical Forfusion fashion, we set out to achieve this accreditation differently. We implemented the ISO 27001 standards across every single department and touch point within our business, reflecting our meticulous approach to how we operate”.
“I’m also delighted to say that we’re one of the few firms to apply for ISO 27001 and be awarded it at the first attempt”.

Going from strength to strength, Forfusion has previously won some prestigious clients; this accreditation means they can now prove they meet the highest standards in the IT industry, opening up opportunities that were once out of reach.

Forfusion are independent IT experts trusted by organisations such as Cisco, UK and local government, the NHS, and many other large enterprises. Their expertise includes IT managed services, security, networking, connectivity, IoT and cloud.

To find out how Forfusion can transform your business, contact us.

Joanne Thomas
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Joanne Thomas
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