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Steve Long

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Steve Long

Professional Services Director

Steve Long


Areas of responsibility within Forfusion

As Head of Project Office, I’m responsible for ensuring that the company’s standards are upheld and clearly defined throughout the entire process of each project’s development and execution. My role sees me overseeing the work of all project management office personnel and taking ownership of the resulting quality of each project.

Industry experience

Since leaving the Army (Royal Engineers) in 2014, I joined Forfusion as their first Project Manager. In this role, I managed numerous projects of all sizes and technology types in the public and private sectors. My current role as Project Office manager has me working alongside other businesses' PMO and IT departments, ensuring our technical department is current and up to speed with new and emerging partner technologies.


My Project Management skills developed over a 24-year career within the Royal Engineers; these skills were extensively tested in some of the most austere environments around the planet, including Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. Whilst serving, I specialised in military communications as my primary trade, starting as a telecommunications engineer and finishing my career as a telecommunications resourcing and equipment manager, with engineering as my secondary trade.

Favourite quote

"Let me feel the fibre of your fabric."

- From the film Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Other interests

I'm still clinging on to a football career, playing for a local over 40’s veterans team and keeping active walking the dog.
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