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Ian Musgrave

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Ian Musgrave

Chief Technology Officer

Ian Musgrave


Areas of responsibility within Forfusion

As Chief Technical Officer I’m responsible for defining our technical strategy and culture. My role encompasses vendor and product alignment, engineering capability and strategic partner selection.

Industry experience

Since leaving the RAF in 2005, I’ve worked for some of the largest SI’s and technology vendors in the world. This afforded me a fascinating insight into how IT worked or rather didn’t work, in some of the UK’s largest commercial and public sector organisations. I specialised initially in network and security infrastructure, gaining a solid understanding of the importance of the network as an enabling platform for delivering world-class applications and collaboration services. As the world moves towards the third Platform of IT; where mobility, cloud, big data and social platforms are going to play a huge part in shaping all of our futures, I try to ensure Forfusion’s strategic partners are aligned on the same journey and have solutions to match our customers' expectations.


I developed a passion for technology during a 14-year career as an Electronics Engineer in the RAF, working on everything from valve driven amplifiers (yes valves!) to the latest solid state, microprocessor powered radar systems. The RAF allowed me to experience first-hand how powerful today’s modern integrated systems can be; at the heart of it all, digital computers providing critical real-time information to save lives and keep the nation secure.

Favourite quote

“Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares? He’s a mile away and you’ve got his shoes.”

- Billy Connolly

One of my all-time heroes and so much more than a comedian. Now sadly suffering from Parkinson’s disease I saw him live last year, and it was inspirational to see someone so clearly robbed of their on-stage physical exuberance, still able to elicit side-splitting laughter through his warmth, intelligence and wit.

Other interests

As a father of three, my leisure time is at somewhat of a premium. So, when not performing the role of chauffeur, butler, UN peacekeeper or cat herder, I like to try and keep fit either down the local gym or by playing football. I also enjoy the odd round of golf – only when the weather is good, mind. Finally, I find reading is a great way of relaxing, so I try and end the day with a few pages of John le Carre or Tom Clancy.
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