Take advantage of a flexible shared resource pool which goes beyond servers; abstracting storage and network resources, so that infrastructure can be used more efficiently. Virtualisation extends to security platforms to make it easier than ever to secure your environment.

Automation and Orchestration

Replace manual steps with a deep level of orchestration and automation that drastically reduces the time to provision new applications and workloads. Save time and money as well as reduce the likelihood of human error by working smarter with workloads and resource.

Platform and Data

Deliver a multi-cloud strategy by intelligently leveraging both public and private cloud solutions to meet key business goals. Build on-premise infrastructures capable of seamless integration with today’s public cloud providers and take advantage of scalable, cost-effective policy-based application and workload provisioning.

Applications and Analytics

Deploy, monitor, and optimise your applications in multi-cloud environments. Get deeper insights into application performance analytics and take control of under-performing applications before they become a problem for your customers.

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