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The need for speed is undeniable.

Busy users have a permanent sense of urgency, making automated experiences and quicker response times vital for improved customer engagement and competitive advantage. It’s not business, it’s personal. And we can help you perfect your client relationships through smart analysis tools and continuous service improvement.

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believe flexible working will be normal


would live further from work if they could work flexibly


of large businesses set to downsize offices

Contact Centre

Communicate across multiple media channels, focusing on workforce mobility and customer experience using Cisco Contact Centre and Cisco Webex Contact Centre. Deploy agents to support remote initiatives and embrace cutting edge omnichannel architectures, supported by analytics tools and effective agent management.

Collaboration Endpoints

Make the most of video and web conferencing endpoints, tools and applications. Enable your employees to present, share and collaborate securely in real-time, anywhere, on any device. Make informed decisions regarding headsets, desk and room intelligent endpoints and peripherals to improve the user experience.

Workforce Optimisation

Leverage all aspects of workforce lifecycle management to effectively monitor and evaluate agent performance - focusing on customer engagement. Benefit directly from process automation and improved visibility, ensuring you make the right decisions for manning, learning and compliance. Leading to greater innovation, agility and efficiency.

Conferencing and Messaging

Take full advantage of video, IP phones, web, mobile and desktop to bring people together using a common interface. Build trust with a consistent conferencing experience that streamlines communications and enhances meetings for all participants. Meet people using any device from anywhere, across any medium.

Customer Portal

Improve fault resolution times by encouraging users and customers to place IT resources requests using web-based access. Leverage technology to its maximum by integrating social channels and providing real-time updates, ensuring optimum customer visibility at all times.

Staffordshire County Council building

"It was essential for the Council that this consultant had considerable experience specialising as a multivendor offering hybrid solutions"

Vic Falcus, Head of ICT
Staffordshire County Council

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