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Forfusion's feature article

Forfusion partners with Raconteur in their latest report in The Times.

In this report, our Chief Technology Officer Ian Musgrave comments on the ever-increasing demand for mission-critical IT services bought through subscription. He warns,

"IT leaders must focus on understanding their strategic needs before identifying products......Businesses and organisations no longer need to rely on CAPEX budgets when purchasing and managing mission-critical IT infrastructure."

Read the full article on page 11 of the report and discover how we can bring value to your organisation.

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The Future CTO Report - 2022

Access the full report to learn about the new opportunities and threats posed to CTOs as they look to set their organisation's future tech strategy.

Key takeaways from our feature article:

  • Consumption-based services offer greater agility, flexibility and predictability.
  • There is a huge opportunity to save time and money and mitigate risks.
  • A trusted partner can guide CTOs through all levels of migration and implementation.
  • Forfusion has years of experience assessing existing environments and aligning them to a future state.
  • Firstly we assess and advise, and then together we will design, integrate and operate. Delivering consumption-based services precisely the way you want them.

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