Forfusion IT strategy for enterprise consultants in action Forfusion IT strategy for enterprise consultants in action

Concerned about WiFi security, performance, or reliability?

Benefit from the assurance of an on-site wireless survey and analysis report.

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The world’s changed. The way we work has too.

Hybrid working practices mean we’re using wireless networks more than ever. For an organisation to be truly wireless, it needs an optimised, secure and risk-mitigated network. With an on-site wireless survey and report, we’ll help you get there.

Along the way, we’ll look at ways to manage your airspace by analysing your network, helping to dispel any misconceptions around Wi-Fi, and ultimately offer you an informed solution with real, tangible benefits.

Find out how well your Wi-Fi network functions and how to make it perform at its best.

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We’ll help you gain an insight into your organisation’s wireless capability with a deep dive, data gathering survey and an expert analysis report.

On-site Wireless Survey + Analysis Report

We'll evaluate your wireless environment, detailing our findings and assessing the performance of your WiFi. Most issues can be rectified with simple re-configurations and no additional expenditure.

We'll advise where improvements can be made, helping you gain valuable insight into your organisation's future needs.

Alongside this, we’ll provide you with recommendations and a tangible roadmap to inform future key decision making. Packaged in a detailed analysis report, it’s the informed choice when it comes to investing in and understanding your organisation’s Wi-Fi performance capability.

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