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Secure your smart grid with greater visibility

Take control of your operations with real-time visibility, enhanced security policies, improved efficiency, and advanced vulnerability detection.

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Ensure compliance and mitigate risk with FusionView

In today's digital age, utility and renewable energy companies face a growing threat from cyberattacks. The potential consequences can be catastrophic. By establishing greater visibility into user and device connections, you can reduce the risk of cyber threats and enhance your security posture across all OT and IT traffic.

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Clarity, control, and compliance

FusionView is the ultimate smart grid health check tool. It can help you identify cyber risks, compliance issues, and underperformance - all while providing actionable insights to mitigate them. Our comprehensive solution offers low-impact IoT visibility, insightful analysis, and anomaly detection to safeguard your assets against unknown attacks and detect illegitimate modifications to your industrial network and processes.


  • Cyber Security Assessment/Vulnerability
  • Asset registry and compliance reporting
  • Network connectivity and schematic reporting
  • Standards alignment checking
  • NIS2 readiness
Digital undefined expertise

How we help

  • Gain OT visibility at scale. Identify grid devices and their communication patterns.
  • Understand your OT security posture. We’ll audit your environment to reduce the attack surface, highlight devices needing immediate attention and suggest remediation plans for compliance.
  • Improve operational efficiency. We monitor OT events, identify network issues, and troubleshoot problems to reduce downtime and improve efficiency.
  • Extend IT security to OT. Converge your security practice. We’ll enable IT best practices and compliance across OT devices, enabling IT and OT to embrace converged policy, cyber hardening, and operational efficiency as a single entity.

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FusionView IoT Assessment

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