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The IT Security Challenges Faced by Forfusion's GSS

An Engineer’s perspective

As a customer, have you ever had an engineer or consultant working on-site who upon running into an issue has gained assistance from a colleague using a remote tool or via forwarding on a configuration/screen-shot?

It’s a pretty regular occurrence when delivering complex multi-string services if you have a good team willing to help each other out.

1. What if you had no internet access from the kit that you are working on?

2. What if you have no internet access from the building or campus?

3. What if you can’t forward on that configuration or screen-shot?

These are the challenges faced by members of the Forfusion GSS team on most customer engagements, and that we are well prepared for.

It’s not just Government Organisations or the Armed forces that employ “air-gap” as a security measure on their systems; financial organisations, medical systems and life critical systems such as Nuclear Power Plants all employ air-gaps in some form. In very simple terms “air-gap” means isolating a network from the outside world, anything coming in or out (logs, software, documentation etc) has to be manually transferred – there are technical solutions though they’re possibly for another blog.

How do Forfusion GSS operate when it comes to projects or technical problems on a secure site? All customers have different requirements – we take time to understand the constraints we work under as every customer has different stances. Like all engineering problems, If you can’t explain that requirement or problem simply to someone else, then you don’t truly understand what you’re dealing with. Putting understanding at the core of our approach to all that we do.

With every member of the GSS team having years of experience on secure sites; we make sure the questions that matter get asked. For example: can I import this vital piece of software that is crucial to the project, or will there be a 30 day lead time whilst its checked and verified? Asking the right questions can only happen when you fully understand what is needed.

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23rd Apr 2014