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All Sales People (especially Sales Trainers!) need a CRM system. So why not choose one that speaks your language already?

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Many Sandler customers struggle to internalise Sandler training. Whilst they find trainer-led learning interesting and useful, once back in their daily routine, they can slip back into old habits.

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Forfusion delivered a CRM system embedded with our own Sandler sales methodology. They show confidence in their knowledge and abilities without making me or my customers feel inadequate (I'm no techie!) and they deliver on what they promise. You might already have a CRM, or you might not, but either way I'd suggest investing some time with Forfusion to see what they can do for you.

Andrew Pickersgill

MD, Sandler Training North East

Sandler CRM 

How it all began

Forfusion is an IT consultancy and long standing Sandler customer itself. We have found Sandler sales training, extremely insightful and beneficial, but we were worried that our sales teams would forget what they’d learnt and get bored of filling in the many resource documents (Pre-Call Planner, Call Debrief, Pursuit Navigator, Client and Client-centric tools etc) would become to cumbersome and disjointed.

So, as Forfusion is invited in by its customer to customise and integrate technology to solve problems and make lives easier, we applied these same principles to this problem and got to work immediately on figuring out the best way to internalise Sandler’s processes and resources.

We thought the best way of doing this was to customise our own CRM system around what we had learnt, factoring in Sandler resources (in particular: Pre-Call Planner, Call Debrief, Pursuit Navigator, Client and Client-centric tools) in one unifying, cloud-based system, rather than ending up in a mess with hundreds of word documents…  

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Sandlerist CRM

Then it hit us! “If we think this is a good idea and so does our trainer, wouldn’t other Sandler franchisees and customers too?”

This is when we started to market and sell our customised CRM system (now known as Sanderlist), merging Sandler process and terminology with market-leading Microsoft Cloud and Sales Productivity functionality.


Our standard pricing is: 

  • £85 per user, per month for full access (what a Director/Senior Manager would need and expect, in terms of read and write access for organisation-wide data, dashboards, reports, workflows etc).


  • The next tier down is £55 per user, per month for mid-level access (what an assistant manager / team leader would need, such as read and write access for team specific data, dashboards, reports, workflows etc).


  • The basic tier is £30 per user, per month for basic-level access (what a junior level / training colleague would need – basic read access to some records dependent on role).

Customers must purchase at least one Full Access license, however other than that there is no other minimum requirement or amount of licenses. The above prices are based on annual agreement and paid monthly, including support. Sandler CRM 4

Sandler Offer & Incentives

We are offering Sandler franchisees a 20% discount on the above prices for our CRM system for them to use themselves. 

However, regardless of whether they purchase it for themselves, we’re offering a one off payment of £1,000 commission paid directly to Sandler franchisees for each customer they introduce us too, that purchases at least 10 Full Access licenses. This incentive will be paid as soon as a PO has been received from the end user customer.