Every position should be considered a cyber security position.

Securing your workplace should be viewed as a critical, but also a very positive step towards increasing business performance.

Application Security

Develop and deploy solutions which provide a rich insight into all your businesses applications. Your organisation's application landscape must be mapped before it can be secured, which is particularly important in a multi-cloud world. By working with you understand your application landscape, it will be possible to take control and apply security controls using segmentation and security policies that meet your requirements.

Network Security

Whilst perimeter security is a key component of any network, it's no longer enough to deploy a firewall to keep the bad guys at bay. Any well-designed network needs to have security embedded in every layer. A defence in depth approach is key. Leverage the latest network solutions to allow the network to become both sensor and enforcer, using policies to define granular access control for users, devices and applications.

Cloud Security

One of the main concerns for any organisation adopting public cloud services and solutions is how to secure infrastructure and applications outside of the traditional IT perimeter. It’s now possible to provide comprehensive, end-to-end security solutions for applications which traverse both public and private cloud domains.

Endpoint Security

IT assets will empower and evolve your business, but they can also cause a serious security migraine. It’s therefore essential to adopt solutions and services which provide the same levels of protection against malware or malicious actors in the local coffee shop, as they do when connected to the corporate network. It’s also important to be able to automatically control, contain and remediate any infected devices before irreparable damage is done to your company’s reputation and key revenue streams.

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