Intelligent Workspace Technology

The only way for organisations to safeguard themselves from disruption is to wholeheartedly incorporate agility, creativity and innovation into their workforce. Companies that embrace digital workspace technology enable the true potential of their employees.

Collaborative Workspace

Reduce costs and increase agility by integrating multiple vendor agnostic corporate communications channels. Encourage your workforce to embrace virtualised collaboration using voice, video and web conferencing; ensuring your internal and external teams can come together and work as one – from anywhere. The liquid workforce is the new norm and rather than being a fearsome prospect, should instead be viewed as an opportunity to unleash the potential of your people and focus on workplace innovation.

Social Collaboration

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to review and evaluate the collaboration tools we use. In the modern world, there’s an increased demand to do more with less. Social collaboration tools not only enable the sharing of news and ideas but facilitate engagement with them. Provide a richer way of collaborating that leverages social media techniques and user behaviours, but remains compatible with corporate and enterprise requirements. Benefit from the combination of company-wide governance with the agility and user-friendly design of digital devices.

Multi-media Messaging

Improve productivity and responsiveness by providing rich messaging capabilities in one fully integrated and immersive experience. Regardless as to whether a single vendor platform is chosen or whether communication is required across multiple disparate vendor platforms.

Productivity Tools

Achieve seamless integration of your back-office applications, including desktop, finance, project management, resource management, customer relationship management, service contract management and ROI management, to support your business as it scales and the demand for fluid end-to-end processes becomes necessary.

Intelligent Buildings

Adopt an architecture that promotes full environment convergence, placing particular emphasis on social and environmental aspects and ongoing cost savings, by fully integrating all building systems including voice, video, data, BMS, CCTV, fire control and physical security.

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