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Digital Transformation. It's at the heart of what we do.

Measurable, integrated and structured: Our process driven, vendor agnostic approach consistently delivers projects that exceed expectations; no matter their size, scale or complexity. We call this the ADIOlogyTM method - find out today how it can benefit you.

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The ADIOlogy Method - Forfusion

The ADIOlogyTM Method

Firstly and most importantly, we'll take the time to really get to know your organisation. Starting with a strategic review, we'll reflect and review the challenges, identify the gaps and see how these fit into your overall digital strategy. 

Here is where we'll really start to drill down into the detail and we'll look at the ways we can help you along on the road to digital transformation. Calling on our vast experience working with
Tier 1 vendors, we'll put down the markers and look towards delivering the best platform solutions for you.

We'll carefully plan and carry out the integration of your new digtial systems using consultants, who you can be assured have seen it all before. Our meticulous, risk-mitigated approach will maximise the investment return swiftly, in line with agreed goals.

Continually assuring the operation of your digital platforms allows you to realise the investment benefits with confidence throughout their lifetime. Our team of experts will support you in
pre-emptive, proactive and reactive ways to help guarantee availability, security, performance and ultimately customer success.

Assess - Phase 1 of the ADIOlogy Method - Forfusion

Assess - The key to digital transformation for you and your organisation

The 3 Stage Phase

  • Audit
  • Gap Analysis
  • Strategic Alignment

An integral part of the ADIOlogyTM method, the 'Assess' phase starts with us auditing your organisation and gaining a full understanding of your current digital strategy. We'll also look at all the separate components that make up your IT infrastructure and see how these are integrated within your organisation.

Gap Analysis
This is where we'll gather information about your organisation. As consultants, we'll listen to you (including conducting workshops) and analyse the history of where things currently are and how this frames itself in terms of commercial drivers for your organisation. With digital transformation at our heart, we'll look to see how IT innovation can play a key role in the future of your organisation. 

Strategic Alignment
In this final step, we'll take into account the information we have gained from the Audit and Gap Analysis stages to see how it frames our digital strategy thinking. We'll digest everything we've learned and - with the design phase in mind - consider the most suitable options for your business moving forward. 


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"Forfusion quickly became an extension to the customer's delivery team, leveraging in-house expertise, adjusting to internal politics, and where required, challenging decisions at the very highest level."

Andrew Latham, Solutions Architect
The Frame Group

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