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About the webinar

Discover Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based visibility, threat detection and response.

Join us to learn more about Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics. Secure your hybrid network with the visibility to detect threats from the public cloud to the private network through a single interface. We are a Cisco Advanced Security Architecture Specialized Partner, our experts are highly skilled and security cleared. Let us help you manage your threat protection and response posture with Secure Cloud Analytics and transform your business today.

  • Duration of the webinar: 38 minutes 
  • On-Demand: watch when you want

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Keynote Speaker

Habib Hussain, Secure Analytics Specialist, Cisco Global Security

Habib Hussain is a Secure Analytics specialist responsible for pre-sales technical architecture. He works for Cisco’s Global Security Specialist Organisation, enabling customers and partners across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In this webinar, Habib will share how Secure Cloud Analytics provides secure monitoring and threat detection for public cloud and hybrid environments using advanced modelling and machine learning techniques.

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Join Habib Hussain for our Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics webinar. After watching this webinar, you will have gained insight into: 

  • how Secure Cloud Analytics addresses current public cloud security challenges.
  • detecting advanced threats and indicators of compromise.
  • maintaining compliance to industry standards and best practices in your public cloud and hybrid environments.

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