Windows 7 End of Life: What's next?

by Niall Cafferkey

As of the 14th January 2020, Windows 7 entered its End of Life phase, which means Microsoft will no longer be supporting the software or providing security updates to the system.

Windows 7 was introduced in 2009 to provide customers with modernised operating systems, increased flexibility and innovative features.

The software remains popular to this day. According to 2019 research from TechRepublic, almost 80% of businesses are still operating at least one Windows 7 systems on their network, with around a quarter only considering migration after the January deadline.

Many companies will have already made the transition to Windows 10 but for those who haven’t, there is no immediate cause for concern. During the End of Life, there will be no imminent security concerns or administrative issues, allowing companies time to get the systems and software upgrades they require.

As companies decide what steps to take, Forfusion’s David Lea advises careful planning and consideration; “Upgrading to a new operating system can be an onerous task and will take time and careful planning to migrate efficiently.

“In addition to the cost implications of upgrading systems, some businesses are likely to have legacy systems that require older operating systems to run, so this needs to be taken into consideration too as this can have huge implications.

“However, running unsupported software exposes your business to a myriad of threats, from security risks to non-compliance with auditors. Here at Forfusion, we can help enterprises understand their Windows 7 environment and establish a plan to move to a solution that suits their business requirements, whilst minimising exposure to risk and managing the change you undoubtably need to take.

As a trusted Microsoft Partner, Forfusion is well placed to provide support and advice for organisation’s operating system requirements. For more information, please visit our Partners page or, alternatively, you can contact David Lea at

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