Is Communication Technology Changing Customer Service?

by Steven Forrest

The rapid growth in usage of smart devices and communication technologies means that customers are now turning away from the traditions of simply dialling the published phone number and waiting in a queue. That just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Customers expect organisations to deal with them on their terms and at their convenience – not the other way around!

How organisations respond to these new expectations is becoming vital to not only customer service, but to global brand reputations.

This was illustrated in 2013 when a disgruntled British Airways customer posted a sponsored tweet slating the airline for their poor customer service. It took 4 hours for airline to respond, but by then it was too late. It had been seen countless times and had picked up by news outlets across the globe.

If a brand like British Airways can be damaged by a simple tweet, how can small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) avoid similar disasters?

It’s easier than you think

One of the components of a Cisco Business Edition 6000 (BE6k) solution by Forfusion is SocialMiner, which allows organisations to be instantly notified of any mentions (whether good, bad or neutral) of their organisation not just across social media, but blogs and forums as well, giving organisations the flexibility to offer customers real-time support.

The true value of this component is that this information is treated, logged and detailed within the organisation’s workflows, reports and customer case notes. So the next time that customer engages with a member of staff, previous interactions (regardless of which medium it took place via) is available for the colleague to see, meaning organisations are truly able to provide the best customer experience possible.

It’s cheaper than you think

Forfusion is a Cisco Premier Partner, which means we can deliver what your customers require (enterprise customer service) with an SME price point. The solution and service delivered by Forfusion is the perfect fit for both Private businesses and Public Sector organisations.

Datasheets are great for delivering technical information, but these can be lost on budget holders and business managers. This is why Forfusion has produced a short video consisting of the public talking about their typical experiences of contacting an organisation and how these can be easily overcome, outlining the key business benefits of the BE6k, such as:

  • Lower telephone costs
  • Reduced power requirements and thus energy costs (only one server is required to run the single integrated appliance).
  • Easy provisioning and resource planning
  • Automatically outbound dialler campaigns to maximise downtime

The solution can also provide useful information such as customers’ GPS position, which could enable target driven offers or location based assistance which adds real value when helping your customers.

In essence, the solution can enable any organisation to provide the customer experience that customers expect in 2015 for a very competitive price.

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