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G-Cloud 11 approval puts Forfusion on cloud nine!

by Niall Cafferkey

Here at Forfusion, we’re delighted to announce that our application in line with the latest G-Cloud 11 Framework has been approved for the fifth consecutive year. 

G-Cloud is a Government framework within the Digital Marketplace, designed to simplify the mitigation and support of computing systems for UK Public Sector bodies. Put simply, it gives these organisations quick and easy access to qualified cloud suppliers. 

This means that Forfusion can provide you with the services to help you set up and maintain your cloud software and hosting services. This could include planning and set-up, security services, quality assurance and performance testing, training and on-going support. 

Having been part of the framework since 2015 (G-Cloud 7), we have seen first-hand the impact it has had on the public sector, delivering a range of communication and collaboration solutions within the sector during this time. These services have improved commercial and operational requirements across areas such as security, resilience and compliance. 

A key partnership we established through the G-Cloud framework is one with Swansea Council, who started working with us after tasking themselves with becoming a digital business by 2020. To achieve this, the council needed to look at more efficient and secure uses of cloud solutions, amongst other digital approaches. 

Our work with Swansea Council enabled them to make further strides towards becoming a digital business. You can read more about their journey in our case study here.. 

To discover more, or access Forfusion’s cloud support services through the Digital Marketplace, please visit the Digital Marketplace website. 

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