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Changing the Conversation on Cyber

by Anthony McMenzie

At Forfusion, we firmly believe that workplace security protects and empowers your workforce. We know that the only way to protect your business against attacks is to address all aspects of people, process and technology. Enforcing your workplace cyber security cannot be done in isolation. Therefore, the key focus of our security event was to emphasise the importance of considering cyber security – or, more importantly, information security – as a board-level responsibility.

That means removing the sole responsibility from the IT department and implementing a company-wide information security policy, which encompasses multiple functions across Operations, HR, Legal and IT. After all, every position should be considered a cyber security position. Potential challenges and threats were discussed which not only included the rising threat from organised cyber criminals operating on a global scale, but also unintentional accidental breaches caused by employees.


Event Highlights

The scope of cyber security has grown and continues to do so at a rapid rate. The question of assessing the current risks, putting a policy in place to minimise and mitigate those risks as well as managing a cyber incident were key topics talked about by all speakers. Our event host was Stuart Lynn, the Former Chief Product and Delivery Officer for Sage Group. Stuart is now a Visiting Professor for the University of Sunderland and the Vice Chair of Dynamo North East.


North-East Fraud Forum

Alan Brown, Chairman

Alan Brown spoke of his experience of policing, and how there is a continuing shift from fraud being something physical to increasingly online. Our audience learned of how organisations across public and private sectors combining their efforts might help us defeat this more effectively.


"There is a need to work together on this. As a region, we need to focus on multi-partner engagement and networking."

Alan Brown



Mark Weir, Regional Director UK&I for Cyber Security

Mark Weir discussed how no one technology company, no matter what size, can provide answers to all of the questions posed by Cyber. In particular, the audience heard of how organisations such as Cisco, IBM, Splunk and Microsoft are collaborating at a global level to combine their knowledge of Threat Intelligence. 


"Changing the perception of cyber security and the importance of people, processes and technology is imperative. Incident response plans should be an important part of business continuity planning."

Mark Weir


Northumbrian Water Group 

Anthony Smith, IS Security Manager

Anthony Smith spoke of how the exec conversation on cyber has changed during his time with NWL.  The question “are ‘you’ keeping us secure?” is now “what’s the current risk to our business and can ‘we’ manage a Cyber Incident?”, showing the great advancement in security posture and awareness across the board.


"When considering the scope of cyber security, technology only goes so far. There is a need to focus on the people. Cyber security needs to be embedded within the culture. It's not special. It's just another thing to be managed by the business."

Anthony Smith

Forfusion would like to thank the speakers and guests for attending and contributing to the discussions. For further information or to discuss how Forfusion can help you change the conversation on cyber and start transforming business together, email or call us on 0191 500 9100.  

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