Leadership Team

Anthony McMenzie
Client Services Director

Profile Bio

Areas of responsibility within Forfusion

As Client Services Director I’m responsible for setting strategy around our sales, marketing and services areas. I have the day to day responsibility for making sure that we’re working closely with our clients to ensure that our people and services transform their business.

Industry experience

In my 30+ year IT career, I’ve worked in the UK and Australia for software and integration companies ranging from small business to global powerhouses. I’ve led national product, sales and services teams, as well as large regional and global service development portfolio programmes.


I started life in the mainframe software world in my hometown of Newcastle. Drawn to the lights of London, I became one of the go-to design consultants of some of the earliest mass-scale LAN deployments, at a time when speed was a kilobit thing.

My curiosity for software took me to collaboration and workflow systems (Lotus Notes in those days) where my team and I broke new ground in automation of things such as global insurance claims. A move to Australia for seven years saw me working more on the development of services portfolios across the globe. Returning to my native North East in 2003, I’ve remained in IT businesses in various consulting, service and commercial roles.

Favourite quote

“The secret of life is there ain't no secret.  And you don't get your money back.”

Gretchen Peters


Other interests

Aside from mastering living with three cats, one wife and two teenage daughters - one of whom has followed me into the tech sector - cooking is my go-to relaxation thing. I’m also actively involved in Dynamo North East, a tech cluster run by industry. I’m busy working on the security theme, trying to make our part of the world the safest place to work.